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Tree Watering Bags

Water bag for tree irrigation

The great advantage of an irrigation bag is the constant drip irrigation of the soil. The roots can absorb smaller amounts of water much better over a longer period of time, so that the tree is optimally supplied. Parched soil has difficulty absorbing water in the summer. When watering, the water flows away from the tree and evaporates. To provide the roots with sufficient water, targeted and continuous watering is necessary. At the bottom of the water bag, the soil is slowly soaked over several hours. This ensures that the precious water is used efficiently and reaches where it is needed most - the roots. Constant watering can thus be avoided. This saves money, time and above all water.
The application of irrigation bags is simple. When open, it is placed around the tree trunk like a jacket and zipped shut from bottom to top. Due to the sufficiently large filling opening, the water bag can be filled effortlessly with the garden hose. After that, the slow deep irrigation starts immediately and ensures an optimal water supply for the tree. Exactly the right response to climate change, we think.